How To: Create a dynamic 3D chain in Cinema 4D

Create a dynamic 3D chain in Cinema 4D

Learn how to model a dynamic 3D chain with Cinema 4D. Whether you're new to MAXON's popular 3D modeling application or are just looking to get better acquainted with Cinema 4D and its various features and functions, you're sure to enjoy this free video software tutorial. For more information, and to get started creating and rendering your own 3D mushrooms, watch this 3D modeler's guide.

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hi, I'm having a problem, I recently got C4D, and when I try to add the rigid body tag to the cylinder, it doesn't appear, like it's not under the mograph tags, I can only find the dynamic body under the dynamic tag, but that's it, could you help me? thanks.

In the newer versions of C4D you find that tag in Simulation->Dynamics->Create Rigid Body
A lot of the stuff under Simulation->Dynamics are fun to play around with.

I can´t get this to work even if i do excatly the same as you do.. After the fracture thingy my chain just falls to pieces..

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